Taking the bad with the good

I’ve been writing full time for almost two years now. In other words it’s been two years since I’ve taken this seriously and stopped playing around. I’ve grown, learned, failed, and triumphed. Some days are fantastic, amazing, the stars are aligned, and I can’t imagine doing anything else but writing. Some days are crappy, tortured, the world is against me, and I wonder why I … Continue reading Taking the bad with the good

Happy Times

Struck By Eros placed in the Golden Pen Writing Contest! This one caused me to snoopy dance all over the horse arena at the monkey’s competition. The Golden Pen is the pre-contest to the Golden heart, which is one of the biggest writing competitions in the romance genre. All three judges said my manuscript was worthy of being a Golden Heart finalist, and that is the … Continue reading Happy Times

Just Bleed

One of my favorite writing quotes is by Ernest Hemingway, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Today it’s on a computer, but the idea is still the same. Bleed. Bleed all over that page. Write down that story that has been dancing in your brain, that world that you’ve developed, those characters who are a … Continue reading Just Bleed

The Writing Process Blog Hop

Welcome to the Writing Process Blog Hop! I was tagged by Christina Delay, a super talented writer, and one of my amazing critique partners. You can view Christina’s writing process here. Now to my questions and my answers. 1. What am I working on right now? After many years, I’m actually embarrassed by the number, I finished the final edits to my Urban Fantasy, Evil’s Unlikely Assassin, … Continue reading The Writing Process Blog Hop

Reading, writing, and learning

I’ve spent this past year of my life learning, writing, and of course reading. I’ve finished my novel, Evil’s Unlikely Assassin, taken the first steps at finding an agent, and entered contests. I’ve gotten rejections from the agents I’ve queried, finaled in contests I’ve entered, and learned that having an idea for a book is only the first step in the very long, very twisted … Continue reading Reading, writing, and learning

Small Sacrifice

This was originally posted on the Readerlicious blog, but I thought I would start moving some of my older content to my own site for the readers on here to enjoy. Small Sacrifice Armed guards pulled me from my cell, and dragged me over the blood splattered Astro-turf. They shackled me to the goal post at the end of a football field turned-execution-chamber, stripped me … Continue reading Small Sacrifice