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pierced-by-venomAnd even though I was a bit worried about what readers would say about Pierced By Venom, it seems they are loving my attempt at dark and intense.

“A captivating story that shows survival, love, and of course a little paranormal! This is the second story of the Redeeming Cupid series and continues with Grayson’s sister, Gia. It was so hard to read about the pain she had to endure – her husband being shot by her ex-boyfriend, being abducted by said ex, and the knowledge she was going to be forced into drugs and prostitution. What was more inspiring was seeing that her love for Christopher (husband) could stand the trials and help her through the Hells she is traveling through in the story. Each main character became a little more complex and was able to grow through her travels. It shows the reader that the blame does not always fall on one person, but that the choices you make shape your future.

I enjoy paranormal love stories and this one definitely fits the bill! I can’t wait to see what Cupid is up to next.

-Amazon 5 Star review

“This book had a bit of darkness and an intensity I wasn’t expecting. Having gone through what she did and come out stronger was something to look up to. I loved her sarcasm even in the face of something evil and sinister. It even had me snorting out a few laughs. I highly recommend this one!”

-Amazon 5 star review

Makes this author’s heart happy!

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