Happy Book Birthday to Pierced By Venom

piercedbyvenom_l-2Pierced By Venom officially came out to the world yesterday!  I have a Valentine’s Book Baby!

While I love the story of Gia and Chris, it is so different from Struck By Eros that I have worried that readers who loved the lightheartedness of Eros would find Pierced By Venom a bit too dark. Can you say author anxiety?

The vast difference between the two books comes from the myths they are based on. Struck By Eros is retelling of the myth of Apollo and Daphne, a tragic story, but one that could handle a retelling with humor and plenty of snark. Pierced By Venom is a modern day retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. There is nothing lighthearted or humorous about that myth. It’s tragic with a capital TRAGIC! In fact, taking Gia and Chris through hell and giving them a HEA at the end was a twist all of it’s own.

Two very different books that belong to the same world. I guess you can say I like to make my readers wonder if I am a dark writer or a funny writer.


The first review came in this morning, a review from someone who doesn’t actually know me and read Struck By Eros.They loved it!

5 Stars on Amazon – 

“A captivating story that shows survival, love, and of course a little paranormal!”

I can officially remove the knife from my wrist and get working on book 3, Pricked By Thorns!

You can get your copy of Pierced By Venom at –

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