Booklore’s First Book Club Meeting

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It’s here! Our first official meeting as a book club! Christina and I are excited to be talking about the book  A Court of Thorn and Roses by Sarah J. Maas, which I totally loved!

Okay…let’s get this discussion rolling. Leave your comments and discussion items in the comments on the blog. If you have an area of the book that you would like to talk about, feel free to post about that too. We’ll be around all day ready to have a good old cup of tea, not a coffee drinker, and a fun talk about a good book.

Question 1 – The obvious theme of the book was Beauty and the Beast, but what other themes did you find as you were reading? Were there symbols throughout the book that led to the other themes?

Question 2 – Characters. Who was your favorite? Hunky Tamlin? Or our Heroine Feyre? Or one of the other Fay that we meet throughout?

Question 3 – How did Feyre’s past shape her future? Did the  way she was treated by her family or the way she took on too much as a kid effect how she reacted as she entered the other side of the wall?

Question 4 – Were you engaged from start to finish, or did you find yourself playing on your phone when ever it buzzed that you had a new FB message?

Question 5 – Did the ending make you want to pick it up and read the next one or did you just close it and forget about it?


4 thoughts on “Booklore’s First Book Club Meeting

  1. Christina here! I think my favorite characters were actually Rhysand and Lucien. I really hope we get to know them better in the next book! Don’t get me wrong, I loved Tamlin too, but Rhys and Lucien are so darkly deep that I HAVE to know more about them!

  2. I agree too. Lucien has to be my favorite character. But it’s very hard to choose. Tamlin is very hunky. I like his temper. Haha! I am looking forward to learning more about Rhysand too. He made me so mad but I loved it! I think it’s safe to say this series as some very good male characters!!

    Also? Am I the only one that wouldn’t mind seeing more of Feyre’s sister Nesta?

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