Wacky Word Wednesday

I love words. Fun words, made up words, words that I can use for double meaning in my novels.  When I write, I look for words that will surprise people as they are reading, something out of the ordinary. Words that will make the reader laugh.

Like word of the day toilet paper. You can do your business and learn a thing or two while doing it.  Well, consider Wednesdays your new word of the day toilet paper, but the words will be way more fun and far filthier.

Why? How?

Because I’ll be pulling words from my new favorite book…The Big Book Of Being Rude.


So, each Wednesday I’m going to pick a word at random and post it. Consider this education with a side of belly busting laughter.

This weeks word comes from the category Stupid, Irritating, and Contemptible and is a general expression for loathing.


Let’s use it in a sentence.

That dirty tripe-hound better not be stepping out on me again.

That concludes this weeks edition of Wacky Word Wednesday. If you have any Wacky Words that you would like to share, please, please, please post them in the comments. I live for finding new and fun words to play with!!

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