Isn’t writing supposed to be fun?

Dark Hedges IIWhen I first decided that I was going to be a “serious” writer, I had dreams of book deals and signings and adoring fans. Being a writer was going to be a blast and a half.

Then *poof*

Those dreams turned into reality and I realized fairly quickly that writing isn’t always fun. Mostly it’s work. Hard work. More work than I want to do some days. But, if I want book deals and singing and adoring fans I need to get off my lazy lump of a butt and write and edit and write again and edit yet again.

Some days my writing path is skewed and crooked and seems never ending.

Some days my creative monkey says screw you and goes and hides in a corner of my mind I don’t have access to, (seriously when are they going to create that Limitless drug already?) and I find myself staring at my current novel unable to make the magic happen. Hell, I’m lucky I’m doing more than drooling on the keyboard.

Some days it’s easier to knock around ideas with my writer friends. Help them shape their own stories, instead of forcing words on a page I’ll have to spend days changing.

Some days my imaginary friends take their ball and go home.

On the days when writing  isn’t fun, I have found it is best to let my creative mind wander down a different path. Do something different like, work on my blog, make swag for author events, read someone else’s words, color in my adult coloring book, heck, last week I rearranged furniture. Anything that sparks a creative fire.

And it works.

The ideas come. The story reinvents itself. The monkeys start turning the wheels.

I have to remind myself that when it seems like I’ve gone off course, it’s the little things that will help redirect me. It’s the little things that make writing fun again.

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