I started this blog a couple of years ago. A way to document my journey as a writer and to remind myself how hard it was to travel the publishing path. I’ve had my share of ups and downs, the goods and the bad, and the pee your pants moments mixed in with the I-never-writing-again moments.

SoldIt’s been two and a half years since I took my first writing course, three since I joined my first writers group, and forever and a day since I put my first word down on paper.

All of this to get published.

And it happened.

I’ve signed my first contract with Muse It Up Publishing and I couldn’t be more excited. I entered a pitch contest a few months ago through Savvy authors and had 3 requests for Struck By Eros. I sent them all in, and received a contract offer from all of them. In the end I decided on Muse It Up for several different reasons, but mostly because when I went to their website and spoke with their authors I liked what I heard and saw.

Things are just getting started, but I am looking forward to doing the edits and seeing my first official cover and eventually after I’ve worked hard, having my first book release day.

And even though I made it and have a book coming out, that doesn’t mean that my journey is coming to an end. In fact it means that it is just getting started.

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