Self reflection Sucks

I had high hopes of coming home after vacation and the conference and writing like a mad woman.

It didn’t happen.

I seem to be going through some sort of self reflection right now.  I’m not sure why though.  Is it because I went and learned too much this weekend about something I feel really passionate about?  Or because I heard the words “oversaturated in the market”?

If my type of writing is oversaturated in the market, do I just give up and try to write something else?  Do I move forward with the stories I love, and read, and enjoy writing?  Do I let someone tell me that basically my stuff, no matter how well it is written, will not get published until the market rebounds?

Or do I write what I want, go the e-publishing route, find my audience, do my own marketing, and just make it happen?

I know I have made the decision to take the next few days off on the novel and keep editing the short story until it is perfect.  When it is all done I am going to put it on Amazon and try to get a following that way.  When November 1st, comes around I am going to bust out the last part of the novel during NaNoWriMo.  So yes, I have a plan…hopefully a good one.

I have come to one final conclusion, self reflection sucks.

2 thoughts on “Self reflection Sucks

  1. Hi Jennifer –
    Its John P. from Writer’s Digest.

    I wouldn’t put to much pressure on yourself. You are original in how you see things. That means no one else will describe the story situation (scene) the way that your mind will.

    Beware of too many comments about changing this or that. Instead, IMHO, go as deep into your way of describing the scene as you can. In this way your writing will be massively creative.

    I have noticed a type of homogenization that happens to stories, after all the comments that the writers receive at WD. The writer makes changes, and many times (not always) the depth is lost. I am not referring to sentence structure. In a way the stories become less interesting. Almost as if the original voice is lost. Again, I recommend taking very big chances. Be dangerous and revealing. There are ways of doing that without being pornographic or ultra violent (unless thats your intent) I think you know what I mean.

    Sorry for the long wind. I like this self reflection piece you wrote. And if you want to take a peek at my work, click on me here a Word Press. I do have a few pages of “Charged Patterns” posted. A comment is always welcome too.


  2. Thank you for the note John! I am learning to ignore what I want to, and use what I like. For instance I loved your idea yesterday of her seeing her fiancee sitting naked in the grass after her first change. I’m going to switch the ending around, and maybe remove the conversation. Now, she won’t be killing him in the end, but I really think your idea will give the story the ending it needed.

    Thanks for reading the post. I think I use my blog as a sounding board or when I need to vent!

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