45 Days and counting

In 45 days I am going to my first writer’s conference and I can barely contain my excitement. I’m looking forward to being with others that share my passion for the written word. To be in the same room with people who understand what I am going through, the struggle to put words to paper, and create something that someone else wants to read.

It’s daunting. It’s scary. It’s overwhelming.

I have every intention of going and pitching my original book series, but in the past month I have changed my mind and tabled that book for another. Now, I am working hard to pull something together that I am happy with. It’s not going as well as I had hoped.

I have the first three chapters done, almost perfect. My writers group really responded well to them. But, this fourth chapter, well to put it mildly it’s kicking my ass. I have written, and rewritten it at least three times. I sat down today, a whole day set aside to write. I had grand plans to finish this one and start on the next one, and I didn’t accomplish anything, but put myself in a foul mood.

Why am I so stressed about it? Is it because I have a time line? Is it because I want it so bad? Is it because I plan on pitching it in front of agents?

How do I move past this mental block I have and just do what I enjoy doing?

I’ve considered leaving the house for another location, somewhere around people. Stop isolating myself. Get up, get dressed, put on makeup, and brush my hair.

Is a change of scenery what I need?

As long as I don’t have a sick child home with me tomorrow, I am headed to my local Barnes and Noble, ordering a nice cold drink, putting in my head phones, and pounding away at the keyboard.

Hopefully it’s just what I need to move forward. Because in 45 days I need to have at least half of this book finished, business cards developed, a tag line, and a pitch prepared.

WOW..no wonder I’m stressed!

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