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I started this blog after reading my Writers Digest magazine one morning. An article in it had to do with the best ways to get noticed, to get your name out there, to hopefully get discovered. The author suggested having a blog, but not just an ordinary blog. Blog a story, from start to finish. Write around 500 words every day, adding more and more until it’s completed.

I found this idea to be ingenious. Inspirational. Damn good. To put a sample of what I can do out there. Something new and fresh every day. It would not only help me spread my wings, but help me to continue to grow as a writer.

So starting on Monday I’m going to blog a short story. One I started for a writing competition, but ran out of time to complete.  Since I am only gong to write 500 words at time I am not sure from day to day how the story is going to play out.  I have a rough idea in my head, but it is not complete, and I don’t even know the ending.  I’m really excited to see how the story grows every day, and what the finished product looks like.

Time to get writing!

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